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Gorgo Babies

Subject: Gorgo Babies                                        10:21 AM

  No, this is not the name of a new Saturday morning cartoon , but a request
for more published info on young tyrannosaurids.  I thank all of you who sent
me great info the first time around, but now I think I need some written
scientific words to round out the research.  In the "Dinosauria" it mentions
that both Russell and Rozhdestvensky have both done a little bit of guesswork
as to the appearance and lifestyle of these guys (Gorgosaurus libratus, or
the Dinosaur Formerly Known as Albertosaurus libratus).  In PDW, Greg Paul
has also reprorted a good bit on the sub-adult specimens and provided
wonderful illustrations as well. Also, in the Dinosauria there is a cute
little picture of a hatchling based on the ontogeny of other
dinosaurs,reptiles and birds that Russell proposed .  Is this a somewhat safe
assumption for a life restoration of a very young (ten foot) Gorgosaurus?  Is
there anything new that is about to be published based on some of the new
theropod bone beds?  Don't worry, this is the last time I'll bug you all with
  David Krentz