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Re: Scubasaurus!!!

Snakes are excellent swimmers with no arms at all-fish have no arms
When crocodiles swim, the hold their arms and legs stiffly at their
sides and let their whole body do the swimming.

The balance of a T rex is suitable as a biped to have the whole body
horizontal to the ground with the legs descending-what would change
about this in the water?  Are you worried perhaps that a T rex would
have no stabilising equipment to keep from rolling?  

Even us bipedal brachiating mammals can do a dog-paddle to keep our
noses above water, why couldn't a T rex do the Texas two step?

-Betty Cunningham

William Gibson Parker wrote:
> I have a really hard time considering a Tyrannosaur, a good swimmer.  The
> arms would be useless, and the balance of the animal would seem to be off.
> It would seem to be almost suicide for a Tyrannosaur to enter deeep water.