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Re: Scubasaurus!!!

David Lessin sent on Sun, 9 Aug 1998 17:33, Subject: Re: Scubasaurus!!!

>Also, what about attracting aquatic predators? For instance, felines that do
>swim, do not often attack animals in the same waters that are inhabited by
>crocodylians, I assume for fear of becoming the prey!

Interestingly, crocodillians do just the opposite. That is, when drought
conditions force them to, they quite readily venture onto the land and will
even push their way into a lion's kill. A few weeks back the PBS science
program, NOVA, showed some stunning infra red footage of a group of Nile
crocodiles (I think) shoving into the midst of a pride on dining lions. The
lions, once they got over their initial shock, tried to drive the crocs
away. No go, as the determined (and very hungry as this was in the middle
of the dry season) bit back as the lions nipped at their heels. After a few
tries the lions settled down with the crocs for a nice feed. Makes me
wonder if there was a dinosaur equivalent. Of course, we'd need more than
infra red technology to view same.


Bruce T.
"I think anyone would rather see large-scale rather than small-scale

-Inoshiro Honda, director of the original Godzilla film