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Re: Scubasaurus!!!

On Mon, 10 Aug 1998, Bruce Townley wrote:

> David Lessin sent on Sun, 9 Aug 1998 17:33, Subject: Re: Scubasaurus!!!
> <snip>
> >Also, what about attracting aquatic predators? For instance, felines that do
> >swim, do not often attack animals in the same waters that are inhabited by
> >crocodylians, I assume for fear of becoming the prey!

Actually Indian tigers may run prey animals toward the water because water
slows their prey down.  Crocodylians may sometimes steal the meal, but if
there are no large gashes already started on the prey animal, the crocs
may not be able to get inside and the tiger may actually even take the
prey animal back!  I was truly surprised when I saw this on National
Geographic video on tigers.  I would say, however, that this probably
would not be the best idea for smaller felids.  I believe that I've also
seen footage of a croc attacking leopards at drink.  

In addition:  Thanks to Bruce T. for the interesting info about crocs and