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Son of the Murderous Digit

  Many thanks to Rich Travsky (hope I'm spelling your name correctly) for
recommending bibliofind.com. I managed to acquire a previously unknown book by
Charles R.Knight and his sister-in-law, Ella Hardcastle, _Birds of the World
for Young People_, 1909, Fred Stokes, N.Y. Although there are many plates,
only two, in black and white, are by Knight- pencil drawings. One of the birds
depicted by Knight is a crested seriema with the "dromaeosaurian" digit #2 in
all its glory. This is as close as we will ever get to a Knight dromaeosaur or
  My question to the list is: how is this digit utilized by the seriema in its
day-to-day business and (this is probably something for Dr. Farlow) what do
the ichnites of this taxon look like? 
  I showed the Knight drawing to Von Sholly recently and he just beamed with
delight. Dan Varner.