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Re: Scubasaurus!!!

Betty wrote:

<And yet anotehr possiblity-dead apatasaurs would float so the
allosaur could just ride it out and eat as he goes.>

  Matters when the aspiring snorkelers do their hunting: ebb-tide,
actually good for catching food, only the current's out to sea;
high-tide, the current's in, but watch out for the subduction and
riptide! Then _your_ out to see . . . or worse.

  Needless to say, taking a few hours to kill an apatosaur in the
water is not a good idea, because, as they say, wait two hours after
eating before taking a dip. Eat _while_ swimming?

  A new name for a group of allosaurs: a _knot_ of allosaurs!

  Now, as to how, the flanks would probably bleed easily, and the tail
is not a good place to bite, twitchy/whippy and all that. (Yes, I made
the word up.) The neck might be a good place, but conferring to Paul's
illustration, as well as many other large animals that swim, the neck
would probably be held mostly underwater, and watch out for that
mouth! Conferring to Nathan Myrrvold's post and article on the
mobility of *Apatosaurus* necks, it could reach right around and nip
its shoulder (or get close, and that means any allosaur in the way).

  Suffice it to say, even hunting in numbers, allosaurs might find it
easier to kill on land, rather than in water, but hey? Who knows?

  Am reminded of Greg's *Yangchuanosaurus* and *Mamenchisaurus* killer
scene, where slash and dash (run by, take a large gasp out of
"animal-as-food", run away, repeat as neccesary) is preferred over
dash and gnash (run in, bite, hold on for a moment, disengage, run
back, repeat as neccesary). This scenario (the latter) may have been
the easier way to kill, and in great numbers, fear that knot of
allosaurs very much!

Jaime A. Headden

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