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Re: Son of the Murderous Digit

>  My question to the list is: how is this digit utilized by the seriema in
>day-to-day business and (this is probably something for Dr. Farlow) what do
>the ichnites of this taxon look like? 

The ever-useful Handbook of the Birds of the World (Vol. 3) notes that
do not catch food with their feet, beyond holding prey items down while they
tear at them with their beaks.  "Nevertheless", the text goes on, "aided by
very sharp claws, especially the large claws of the innermost toes, they may
cling to bark and thus climb the trunks of small trees, or similarly jump
through the branches of vegetation with the aid of occasional flaps of the

There you have it folks - a seriema, the closest analogue to a Velociraptor
we've got(???), uses its "killer claw" TO CLIMB WITH!!!!

George, are you happy?

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