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Looks at Books

Hi All,

Perhaps this has been discussed to death before (I'm fairly new to the list
so if it has it was before my time) but I was wondering if people could
comment on their favorite dinosaur/fossil/paleontology books and authors.
It was a pretty big deal for yours truly when I found a not-so-beat up copy
of Roy Champman Andrews ALL ABOUT STRANGE BEASTS OF THE PAST, published
under the Random House "All About Books" imprint. I believe there was
another title in the same series, this one detailing Andrews' adventures in
the Gobi. It was a pivotal moment about when I was 10 years old, in the
early 60s, when I first encoutered this book. A sort of "this is IT"
sensation. Nowadays, I get the biggest kick out of Stephen Jay Gould's

See yez,

Bruce T.
"I think anyone would rather see large-scale rather than small-scale

-Inoshiro Honda, director of the original Godzilla film