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RE: impact - LONG

I guess it depends on what we define as large, but I think you're
correct.  There were 20 ft. crocodilians around after that time,
but I'm not sure of the date; there may have been a gap.  But 
6 meter ones were certainly around 25 million years ago.  Of course, that's
a LONG time after KT.
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> Someone has discussed on the list before a large crocodile that was
> present on both sides of the KT.
> (I can't find it in a search in the archives as 'crocodile' and
> 'cretaceous' are far too common, imagine that)
> -Betty Cunningham
> Jeff Hecht wrote:
> > >6)    All the mega-fauna disappeared.  (i.e. All the large animals
> > >disappeared - including the large crocs).  I believe the largest
> surviving
> > >land animals were less than 30 Kg.  (Sea-going animals may have been
> > >slightly larger).
> > 
> > I've seen estimates that the largest animals surviving the KT were only
> 5
> > kg. Regardless of the exactly threshold, I consider this one of the most
> > important datums on the event. If only we knew what it meant.