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Re: Son of the Murderous Digit

In a message dated 98-08-10 19:36:39 EDT, Ron Orenstein writes:

 There you have it folks - a seriema, the closest analogue to a Velociraptor
 we've got(???), uses its "killer claw" TO CLIMB WITH!!!!
  In his text, Charles R. Knight, describes the hunting activity of the
seriema as follows, "It is not unlike the Secretary-bird of Africa, and feeds
upon snakes, killing them with its feet until they are reduced to a pulp." It
must be remembered here that Knight's experience with these creatures was
confined to zoos and museums and those who worked in them.
  Seriemas are also known for hurling their small prey to the ground with
great enough force to either stun or dispatch them. Someday there will be
wonderful phorusrhachid images. 
  Are they models for the sickle-clawed dinosaurs or prototypical
phorusrhachids? Or none of the above? If any student out there is still in
need of a dissertation topic...Please! Dan Varner