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Re: Looks at Books

Allan Edels sent: Re: Looks at Books on Tue, 11 Aug 1998 00:38:32

>Copying from an earlier post of mine (7/1/98) concerning how people on the
>list got interested in dinosaurs:


>     >   (illustrated): "All About Dinosaurs", by Roy Chapman Andrews


>    There's the other "All About..." book  for you....  (I still have it, it
>is a bit beat, and no longer has its dust jacket).  By the way, that
>description of the chase is considered wrong by most modern lights....

Thanks for the info, Allan. Guess I coulda figured it out by myself,
though. First part of the title, All About, from the series. Last part,
Dinosaurs, from the nominal topic, sheesh. Still am convinced that Mr.
Andrews is the REAL Indiana Jones, though.

Chow for now,

Bruce T.
"I think anyone would rather see large-scale rather than small-scale

-Inoshiro Honda, director of the original Godzilla film