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Re: impact - LONG

Darryl Jones wrote:
> >
> I sat next to him at the Dinosaur Society Luncheon in Pittsburg a few years
> back.  He talked about the diversity that he had found then, but the site
> was fairly new at the time.  He had found the now famous pachycephalosaur,
> at least two dromaeosaurs, elmisaurids (he said caenagnathids),

This is the giant elmisaurid, standing 6 ft at the hips.

> ornithomimids, and hadrosaurids.  Has he added new species to this that
> would raise the generic and specific levels?  At the Campanian sites there
> are over 35 genera known.  By the Maastrichtian, we seem to have come down
> to only 2 genera of ceratopsian, 2 hadrosaurs, 1 possible lambeosaur, 1
> hysilophodontid, 2 pachycephalosaur, and one protoceratopsid.  

The dinosaur count is 10 theropods, 1 hadrosaur, 2 thescelosaurs, 6 NEW
ornithischians, 3 pachycephalosaurs, 1 ceratopsian.

All of these
> seem to be declines from peaks in the Campanian.  I understood at the time
> that Dale Russell was supposed to be publishing on the new finds that Mike
> had, but I have not heard anything since (except rumours of stuff found).

>From what I understand, Mike is waiting to have the quarry in an
instatution/museum/univeristy before it get described. He also has the
first Meniscoessus skull.