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O.K. After two years of searching this is my last hope.  In the seventies
I bought a book from the Peabody Museum in New Haven.  It was about the
size of Norman's "Illustrated Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs", the cover was
sky blue and has an Allosaurus in the foreground, I think there is a
Diplodocus and several Pteranodons in the background.  The book opens with
a story of a group of native americans seeing lightning strike in the
shape of a bird.  When they reach the spot where they thought it had
landed there is a Pteranodon fossil there.  The group thinks that the bird
landed so hard it implanted in the ground and only the bones are left.
Does this sound familiar to anyone?  This was the book that introduced me
to dinosaurs.  I fear my copy is long gone but I would love to get my
hands on another.  Help...

-Bill Parker
Northern Arizona University