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Re: Natural Selection - The Whole Story ?

In a message dated 98-08-11 03:01:18 EDT, moschops@zetnet.co.uk writes:

<< A more radical view is that
 it is possible that organisms orchestrate each others evolution. This may
 be to produce a symbiosis in which both (or all participating)organisms
 benefit, a parasitic relationship, or a food-chain.  >>

Can you conceive of a method by which the information that one species needs
to be in symbiosis with another species might be transmitted to the othe
species, so that this orchestration may take place? How would a >species<
transmit information? Do all species transmit this kind of information? If
not, what determines which species transmits? If you're going to start up a
theory like this, these are some of the questions you will have to answer.