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Re: Fingers crossed

I don't know why this finger business would be but I'm surprised that at
least some people aren't going around theorizing that because of this
fossil evidence, the theropods went around in life with their fingers held
that way.

> From: Norton, Patrick <Patrick.Norton@state.me.us>
> To: dinosaur list (comment line)IPM Return requested <dinosaur@usc.edu>
> Subject: Fingers crossed
> Date: Tuesday, August 11, 1998 8:17 AM
> I've noticed that many small theropod fossils in which an articulated   
> hand is preserved show digits II and III of the hand crossed. A good   
> example of this is seen in Confusciusornis (See Paul Davis' photos at   
> http://www.dinosauria.com/gallery/paul/paul.htm). Archaeopteryx shows the
> same thing. I think I recall this being mentioned somewhere, but I can't 
> remember where. Is this just coincidence, or was there something else   
> going on?