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drawings sought

Hi folks--

        I'm looking for good stippled (not just line) B/W drawings [made
from specimens, not just imaginative drawings] of the pelves (lateral view)
and femora (medial+lateral views) of (1) Iberomesornis, (2) Enantiornithes,
and (3) Euparkeria, (4) Proterochampsidae, (5) Proterosuchidae, and (5)
Phytosauria and/or Aetosauria.  For some reason these seem harder to find
than many other archosaur drawings.
        Drawing size doesn't matter; I prefer published references but am
not too picky as long as accuracy + resolution are high.  Any assistance,
especially reference citations, would be greatly appreciated.  Please
contact me off-line to reduce listserver clutter. Thanks!

                        John R. Hutchinson
                 Department of Integrative Biology
                  3060 Valley Life Sciences Bldg.
                University of California - Berkeley
                     Berkeley, CA 94720 - 3140
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