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Re: Herbivorous Dinosaurs of the World ?

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<< In his preface to Predatory Dinosaurs of the World (which incidentally is
 my favourite dinosaur book) GS Paul says that he intended to write two or
 three further volumes covering herbivorous dinosaurs. What happened to
 these ? Have any been published ? Are they actually on the way ? Does
 anyone know ? Waiting in anticipation. Regards.
  Dear Roy, I can well understand your sense of anticipation and I also can
relate to your questions. I believe that Greg has a work underway-at least I
hope so. I'm sure that he's been relishing his first-hand examinations of the
various Chinese specimens now on their way the Carnegie Museum. What you may
NOT know, however, if you are younger than I, which is probably quite certain,
is the reaction to Greg's book by reviewers in scientific publications a
decade ago. This is your favorite book, right? From American Scientist to
Scientific American, Greg Paul was absolutely crucified by the reviewers. He
was hammered with a vengeance, I've never seen anything thing like it. No
wonder his next major publication was in Japanese! The professional reception
to PDW was absolutely disgraceful and an excercise in overkill. Go back in
time in a library and read the reviews for yourself. I believe that Dinogeorge
came closest to a fair review in his pub Archosaurian Articulations. Quite
frankly, I must admire the man for not leaving paleontology altogether after
what he's been through. And life must be sweet for him these days! Dan Varner.