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Re: Son of the Murderous Digit

> I d be happier if someone could tell me what a seriama was!
> John V Jackson   

The two living seriemas, the Red-legged Seriema (Caraima cristata) and the
Black-legged Seriema (Chunga burmeisteri) are the only members of the
Caraimidae.  They are long-legged, terrestrial (but flying) predatory birds of
south-central South America, usually placed in the order Gruiformes (Cranes et
al).  They are probably closest related to the extinct Psilopterids and,
through them, to the phorusracid "terror birds".  Seriemas have an enlarged
claw on digit 2, among other things, which has caused some to compare them to
Velociraptor et al (though they certainly cluster within living birds). 
Imagine a brown or grey Secretary-bird equivalent and you'll have a pretty
idea of them.
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