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Re: Herbivorous Dinosaurs of the World ?

> From American Scientist to
>Scientific American, Greg Paul was absolutely crucified by the reviewers. He
>was hammered with a vengeance, I've never seen anything thing like it. No
>wonder his next major publication was in Japanese! The professional reception
>to PDW was absolutely disgraceful and an excercise in overkill. Go back in
>time in a library and read the reviews for yourself. I believe that Dinogeorge
>came closest to a fair review in his pub Archosaurian Articulations. Quite
>frankly, I must admire the man for not leaving paleontology altogether after
>what he's been through. And life must be sweet for him these days! Dan Varner.

Those who laugh last...laugh longest.
A big contrast with Feduccia it seems... without a shred of direct
evidence, Mr. Feduccia has been glorified as the Opponent to the
dinosaur-bird link in almost every magazine.
And what about Jones at al.? Scientific papers in respectable publications
without examining the original Sinosauropteryx fossils, artificially
combing collagen fibre tissue of dead reptiles to make them look like
protofeathery impressions and confusing slab glue with fossilized
They are cited as authorities everywhere!
At least these are proper scientists... not the 'lesser' artist (who does
he think he is? I can almost hear saying...) and devilish  Mr. Paul.

I can tell you one thing though... when I saw his drawing of a 'double
crest' on top of the Archaeopteryx beak I honestly thought... well, it
looks O.K. but Greg is inventing this just to add spice or ornamentation,
since there was NOT ONE publication or drawing of the skull with this
It was only until I had in my hands the obscure book 'FOSSILS, The Oldest
Treasures That Ever Lived' by Rudolf Daber and Jochen Helms (where you can
see the greatest-ever, enhanced close-up  photograph of the Archaeopteryx
skull from Berlin) that I could see the skull for the first time in
glorious detail...and clearly there it was: the double crest.

At least I could say, Mr. Paul knows his stuff. You might question other of
his reconstructions and flights of fancy, but he is the only one that keeps
changing his old drawings as new discoveries come to light. A true heretic.

And yes: George's time will also arrive... I predict.

Luis Rey

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