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Re: Son of the Murderous Digit

At 01:20 PM 11/08/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Ronald-  I must ask you, do these seriemas walk around holding their
>"sickle claws" up off the ground all the time? I'll bet not.  Jim Farlow
>sent me pictures of their foot bones which appeared very dromaeosaur like
>to me in general shape.  As you probably know I am one who doesn't believe
>all the killer claw hype, nor that there were didactyl theropods-  unless
>there were theropods that only had two toes.  Thanks- Pete

Not to my knowledge; it is a bit hard to tell as they usually walk around in
tall grass (at least for the Red-legged, which I have seen in the wild).  I
have seen both species in captivity and certainly never noticed such a thing. 
Photos I have examined don't show it either.

However, I should add that of course the seriema foot condition is only
analogous, not homologous, to the dromaeosaur foot (at least as far as the
enlarged claw is concerned) and that the development in seriemas is nowhere
near as extreme as that in Velociraptor.

PS: the correct spelling of the genus for the Red-legged Seriema is Cariama,
not Caraima as I posted earlier, and the family name is Cariamidae.  Sorry.
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