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Re: Fwd: Dinogeorge Digest special edition (long)

*Dinogeorgus olshevskyi* wrote:

<<There were almost certainly no small non-avian dinosaurs left at the
end of the Cretaceous.>>

*Jeffus hechti* replied:

<That also raises another question: were all small dinosaurs members
of the theropod/bird lineage?>

  The smallest of the small are:

  *Drinker* - around 2 ft (LJ)
  *Laeallynasaurua* - same (EC?)
  *Microceratops* - about 3 ft (LC?)
  *Comsognathus*, of course - about 3 ft (LJ/EC, one
                              of the two)

  T. Mike Keesey's website has a more concise list.

  *Microvenator* is a juvenile, and would probably measured 4 ft as an
adult, if not more. *Sinosauropteryx* has a small body size, but the
tail gives extraordinary length, but if normally-tailed, around 3 ft
(actual is 4 ft or so).

  And finally, *Leptoceratops* was not a large animal, quite small in
fact, around 4-6 ft, and he was Hell Creek born 'n' bred.

Jaime A. Headden

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