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RE: Scubasaurus update

Also, wouldn't aquatic predators figure into this?
Certainly, I don't believe even the biggest crocodilians of mesosaurs would
attempt to tackle an adult allosaur on the shoreline.  But, would they, IF
the therapod ventured into "their" domain?
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           thus far we've come up with a number of possibilities a large 
        predatory dinosaur pack could do, should they kill an apatosaur in
        water.  Here they are:
        1) eat+ swim at the same time
        2) go back ashore and wait for the carcass to wash up
        3) somehow balance on the body of the dead dino and eat it, then
        back with full bellies
        4) tow the body back to shore and feast upon it there
        5) ride the body "surfer" style back to shore (while eating)
           Frankly, I don't see any of these happening, do you?  I've
        cast my doubt upon my ideas (the first three).  The fourth
        could work if there was a HUGE pack of predators pulling the body.
        don't think the fifth idea would work either because I don't think a

        pack of large Allosaurus (for example) could fit on the back of an 
        apatosaur.  And we all know that it must take more than one
        to take out a 90+ ton animal.
           The way I see it; sure, I'd be willing to bet even big theropods 
        would dash into the water after prey.  But not after anything much 
        bigger than them since it probably wouldn't be worth the trouble.
        the hungry carnivores would just walk the shoreline, waiting for
        meal to come swimming back to them.  Heavy sauropods can't tread
        forever, you know!

        - Jordan Mallon

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