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Re: Dinogeorge Digest special edition (long)

In a message dated 98-08-11 18:24:13 EDT, qilongia@yahoo.com writes:

<< The smallest of the small are:
   *Drinker* - around 2 ft (LJ)
   *Laeallynasaurua* - same (EC?)
   *Microceratops* - about 3 ft (LC?)
   *Comsognathus*, of course - about 3 ft (LJ/EC, one
                               of the two) >>

To these you might want to add _Taveirosaurus_, a small ornithischian
(pachycephalosaur?) based on tiny teeth from Portugal;
_Micropachycephalosaurus_; _Wannanosaurus_; and an as yet undescribed very
small pachycephalosaur ("Microcephale") from western North America.
Interesting that a lot of these are pachycephalosaurs. _Psittacosaurus_
individuals are also pretty small. I saw one that a dealer had that was only
about 2 feet long without tail.

What I'm interested in, however, are dinos in the _Archaeopteryx_ size range.