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Re: Herbivorous Dinosaurs of the World ?

At 02:44 PM 8/11/98 EDT, Dan Varner wrote:

[Concerning reviews of Predatory Dinosaurs of the World by Greg Paul]

>I believe that Dinogeorge
>came closest to a fair review in his pub Archosaurian Articulations.

That review (which I remember well) also had a few hilarious comments in it,
where George pointed out some alternative interpretations of sentences and
phrases.  Among them:

GP: While looking at the Eichstatt _Archaeopteryx_, I was struck by
something in the foot.
GO: I hope it didn't hurt!

GP: (In reference to tyrannosaur material) Phil Currie has a giant new
lacrimal horn.
GO: When did he grow that?

GP: (In reference to the restoration of one of the ornithomimids) The skull
is based on the Royal Ontario Museum specimen, the skeleton after Dale
GO: So THAT's what Dale looks like underneath the sports jacket!

However, Dan raises a good point: the initial reaction to the book by the
vert paleo community was pretty negative.  However, within a few years,
folks like me and Paul Sereno and Fernando Novas and others were citing
parts of it in our work.

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