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Look, I don't care all that much whether dinosaurs (and every other animal
bigger than a breadbox) were actually done in by falling rocks, but
(speaking for the astronomers on the list) would really appreciate
folks trying to get the claims straight. Ridiculously small?
Look at the pictures of Jupiter from 1994. Comet fragment Q, say.
Ice. Less dense than rock. No more than 1 km diameter, probably much
less. Raised a cloud of dark material above the Jovian cloudtops.
Against 2.6 Earth gravities. Covering a surface area just about that
of the Earth. Arguments about detailed effects can be reasonable and
detailed, but we have empirical evidence that impactors of the
size proposed are perfectly capably of blanketing the planet with

And now we return to the free-for-all...

Bill Keel
Astronomy, University of Alabama