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Re: Scubasaurus update

On Tue, 11 Aug 1998, Jordan Mallon wrote:

> apatosaur.  And we all know that it must take more than one Allosaurus 
> to take out a 90+ ton animal.

Are we talking a 90+ ton apatosaur?  Let's see:

        est. wt. of _Diplodocus_ <15 tons
                    _Apatosaurus_, 25-30 tons
                    _Seismosaurus_<60 tons

Where is this 90+ ton apatosaur coming from?  Even _Brachiosaurus_ has
been estimated at less than this and some estimates put it at less than 50

I could see several allosaurs (maybe _Saurophaganax_ or even some of the
smaller forms) taking a 25 ton animal in relatively deep water.  It's
already been pointed out by someone (sorry, don't know who) that it's
relatively easy to tow something much heavier than oneself through water,
and when the apatosaur ran aground it would be dinner time even if half
the animal was still submerged.  

Jack Conrad