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Re: Herbivorous Dinosaurs of the World ?

In a message dated 98-08-12 08:28:42 EDT, th81@umail.umd.edu writes:

<< However, Dan raises a good point: the initial reaction to the book by the
 vert paleo community was pretty negative.  However, within a few years,
 folks like me and Paul Sereno and Fernando Novas and others were citing
 parts of it in our work. >>

I found many post-publication reviews of Greg's book to be unduly harsh and
critical, particularly reviews by cladists, who didn't find what they were
looking for in the book. (They had to wait for Holtz and Padian for that.)
Nevertheless, Greg's book remains the only popularly accessible monographic
study of the theropods ever published.

I also think Greg was let down by the publisher, who (1) could have had the
book copyedited to rewrite most of those funny sentences and to give the text
better flow, and (2) could have done a better job reproducing the
illustrations, many of which "packed up" in printing on that kind of paper and
lost some of their fine linework. Lotsa corners cut in the book design, it
seemed to me.