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Re- Dino Exstinction

      Since there are many diverse opinions here's one more , Astro
physicists are saying
that every 26000 years the earth goes through a cosmic storm caused by
the collision
of two stars , this being the case then it is not hard to see that at
the boundary millions
of years ago the radiation would have been much greater and would cause
a very  selective
 annihilation , the larger animals first as it takes a smaller exposure
time to acquire extensive
damage and the smaller animals and those that were shielded for a time
would live through it and very likely have a great deal of mutation .
Flora would suffer the least amount of
damage and therefore the mammal explosion afterward would probably be
enhanced .
     If at this time there was a bolide collision then all or most of
the questions about the
extinction could be logically answered for some of the people , (note I
do not say all)
     Well lets see where the chips fall on this one .
Best Wishes
Earl Wood