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What plesiosaurs ate

Nature (13 August 1998 Nature 394, 629 - 630) has an article entitled
"Cretaceous plesiosaurs ate ammonites," by Kazushige Tanabe.  The
article reports "the occurrence in Hokkaido, northern Japan, of a partial
skeleton of a Cretaceous short-necked plesiosaur together with a large
number of isolated ammonoid jaws . This is, to our knowledge, the first
description of the stomach contents of a polycotylid plesiosaur, and the
first firm evidence of prey-predator relationships between plesiosaurs
and ammonites."

"The skeleton consists of the right half of the pectoral girdle, almost
complete right forelimb, disarticulated vertebrae, several gastralia, and
fragments of the pelvic girdle. Unusually for a short-necked plesiosaur,
gastroliths were preserved in the stomach region. Associated fossils
include about 30 isolated and disarticulated cephalopod jaw apparati,
a shark's tooth, and molluscan shells and moulds."