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Re: creating skeletal drawings

Jordan Mallon wrote:

<I'm really hoping (and underway) to open my own shrine to dinosaurs
on "the net" soon. I don't have any trouble drawing dinosaurs because
I've been doing that for, say, 13 years now (I'm 16). What I do need
help with is creating my own skeletal drawings. I think it's great to
see that there are more and more web-pages on the internet which do
offer these drawings. I'd like to run one of those pages myself. So,
does anyone have any tips of hints as to how to create original
skeletal drawings? Any tricks of the trade? I've tried making a few
already but they kinda suck, in my humble opinion. Thanks to all.>

  When doing good skeletons, you can go several ways. Line drawing for
the outlines (Russell does it this way, among others); 3D, like
shading in several views (I tried it this way at first, and had the
most wonderful *T. rex* (not  enough room for the rest of the tail,
though)); outlined, like Greg's and Bakker's, are being adapted and
used by other restorers, among them Ed Heck and myself, and a few
others who I can't remember or won't name.

  Heh, heh.

  Use photographs as references, especially good ones. The best single
bone restorations I see out there are done by Currie, especially those
published in the _Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences_ which I take to
be pretty well-distributed, so you could get your hands on it fairly
easily, as published in papers by Russell, Currie, and Sues.

  Use your own discretion, but be true to the bones. Don't try and fit
the bones to the idea your want them in. Bent-tailed *Iguanodons*
totally enrage me, due to the callousness and stupity of the
restorers, breaking the fossils to fit an idea, both of the actual
bones and in illustration.

  Nonetheless, don't try and be "perfect", and be willing to change
the restoration should you think of something new to express or what's

Jaime A. Headden

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