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Re: Permian extinction

     Hey! Wow Neil, now you got me thinking....this early in the morning too! Sure, why didn`t I think of it before? A large bolide strike in the ocean might just account for the some of the differences between the KT and the PT extinction effects.  You`re right, a strike in the ocean might not leave behind an Iridium trace. It would stir up large amounts of sea floor sediment, clouding up the oceans liquid "atmosphere" for quite some time, probably choking off many species all at once, and affecting others through a similar blocking off of photosynthesis on the continental shelves. And on land! You`re right again, many of the extant species of the time probably inhabited a more moist, near-shore enviornment. Think what would have happened when that tidal wave hit! That wave would`ve reached just about every shore. Probably ony spared the inland seas. Has anyone proposed all this already???  Thanks for sharing thoughts...Larry Febo.