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Bolivian dinosaur eggs

Reuters is reporting the find of two (possibly) dinosaur eggs in southern
Bolivia, which date from about 68 million years ago.

``They were found in green limestone and there may be more in other 
layers,'' according to Swiss paleontologist Christian Mayer.

" 'Of the eggs we found, one measures 25 cm (10 inches) and the other, 
from a flying reptile, is big and measures 40 cm (16 inches)' Mayer said." 

"The fossil field, peppered with tracks from dozens of species, could be 
one of the largest in the world, Mayer said.  Some of the tracks indicate 
beasts measuring up to 1,100 feet (350 meters) long, the longest yet 
known, he said." 

"The tracks included footprints from Tyrannosaurus, the notorious meat 
eater. Bones at the site were from crocodiles, fresh water fish and turtles." 

1100 feet long!  Also, perhaps the notorious T. really preferred the
seafood platter?