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New dinosaur eggs found

*** 2 dinosaur eggs believed discovered in Bolivia

Scientists said Wednesday they had found what were thought to be two
dinosaur eggs in southern Bolivia in what could be one of the biggest
fossil fields in the world. Team leader Christian Mayer said
Wednesday the eggs dated back some 68 million years. "They were found
in green limestone and there may be more in other layers," said the
Swiss paleontologist. The eggs were dug up in a fossil field in Cal
Ork'o, 440 miles southeast of the capital La Paz and near the city of
Sucre. "Of the eggs we found, one measures 10 inches and the other,
from a flying reptile, is big and measures 16 inches," Mayer said.
The eggs were found after six weeks of digging and will be flown to
Switzerland for laboratory analysis. See