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Re: Extinction scenarios

Danvarner@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 98-08-13 03:02:18 EDT, you write:
> << About 40-45 years ago, there was a really good article on the subject in
> John W.
>  Campbell's "Astounding Science Fiction" magazine. >>
>   Was that article illustrated by Chesley Bonestell by any chance? I've just
> located an interesting website on Bonestell at
> <http://www.secapl.com/bonestell/top.html> There is a wonderful painting there
> of the Siberian event. Dan Varner.

  You know, I don't remember.  I last looked at that article thirtysome years 
(insert - turned out it was printed in March, 1966, and my memory had failed me 
age no doubt).

I just got up off my lazy butt and fished the issue off my bookshelf ("Giant
Meteor Impact", pages 62-84, by J. E. Enever, and it was after JWC changed the
magazine name to ANALOG).  The article holds up extremely well and addresses and
quantifies a number of the effects we've been discussing on-list, though 
hypothetical meteor is smaller, less massive, and denser than the Chixulub
bolide.  The illustrations were by John Schoenherr rather than Bonestell.  
for the tip on the Bonestell site. I love his work.  In her living room, Ginny
Heinlein (Robert's wife) has a beautiful Bonestell of astronauts traipsing 
the moon.  Bonestell offered to update the look of it after the moon landings, 
she wouldn't let him (I don't blame her).

Dan, if you'd like to go off list and chat about Bonestell & such, I'd be happy 
-- I really do like his work.
Best wishes to all,  and I really recommend that the Enever article be mandatory
reading for anyone interested in impact effects.