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Here are two ways things seem to go, vis-a-vis dinosaurology as it reaches
and informs (and misinforms) the world:  ADOR or Art Depends On Research
and ACF or Art Supercedes Science.  The current stampede of artists who
must draw, paint, sculpt, publish and sell their version of every new
specimen before the science is done creates a flood of dubious imagery
which is copied and repeated and taken as fact by the world at large.  If
it's in a book it must be true.
One more thing while I'm at it:  Artists, take a look at your work:  if you
see nothing there but watered-down ripoffs of Gregory S.Paul, please a step
back and do your homework.  Paul is marvelous, even indispensable, as a
resource and reference but I am so weary of seeing people swipe from him...
if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Mr. Paul may consider
himself very flattered indeed.