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Morrison Symposium Volume Out!

Hi All-

        Just a quick note to inform the list that the volume of papers from
the 1993 Morrison Formation Symposium held in Denver is now out!  (That is,
I _assume_ it is out, because I received the reprints from my submission,
though I haven't beheld the actual volume yet...)  It's in the journal
_Modern Geology_, v. 23, dated 1998.  No, I don't have ordering
information, so please don't ask!  There are plenty of dinosaur papers in
it, as well as other aspects of the formation in question.

        For the curious, the reason the volume took so long to emerge is
that it was originally slated to be published as a special paper of the
GSA, but after they sat on it for over a year, they rejected it as "too
narrow for their audience."  So there was a hiatus while a new publisher
was sought, and _MG_ was settled upon.  However (as I understand it), their
editorial board wanted to make some changes in formatting, etc., and that
took a while.  The actual publishing of the journal occurs in India, so
transit was also probably a factor.  Anyway, it's _out_ now, and just when
all of us were betting it wouldn't be out until after the forthcoming Lower
Cretaceous Symposium volume emerged!  ;-D

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