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This posting found its way to my e-mail this morning.  The measurements
listed seem just a wee bit unrealistic.  Any one care to comment?

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Two dinosaur eggs believed discovered in Bolivia

            LA PAZ, Bolivia (Reuters) - Scientists said Wednesday they
had found what were thought to be two dinosaur eggs in southern
Bolivia in what could be one of the biggest fossil fields in the
            ``We found two eggs that could be from dinosaurs,'' team
leader Christian Mayer told a news conference late Wednesday,
adding the eggs dated back some 68 million years.
            ``They were found in green limestone and there may be more
in other layers,'' said the Swiss paleontologist.
            The eggs were dug up in a fossil field in Cal Ork'o, 440
miles southeast of the capital La Paz and near the city of
            ``Of the eggs we found, one measures 25 cm (10 inches) and
the other, from a flying reptile, is big and measures 40 cm (16
inches),'' Mayer said.
            The eggs were found after six weeks of digging and will be
flown to Switzerland for laboratory analysis.
            ``We have to prepare them and compare them with other
remains and skeletons known throughout the world,'' Mayer said.
            The fossil field, peppered with tracks from dozens of
species, could be one of the largest in the world, Mayer said.
Some of the tracks indicate beasts measuring up to 1,100 feet
long, the longest yet known, he said.
            The tracks included footprints from Tyrannosaurus, the
notorious meat eater. Bones at the site were from crocodiles,
fresh water fish and turtles.
            The expedition at Cal Ork'o is funded by the Swiss National
Scientific Investigation Fund, the textile firm Mammut and local
cement company FANCESA.
            Mayer said he had heard from Bolivian President Hugo Banzer
that a foundation would be set up to preserve the site.

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