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More Bolivian trackway news

The Associated Press (Peter McFarren) seems to have a better 
translation on the trackway site news.  Excerpts below: 

"The tracks cover a one-mile-long and 200-foot-high vertical stone 
wall five miles from Sucre."

"One set of footprints runs for 350 meters, or nearly a quarter-mile, 
which is believed to be the world record for the longest unbroken 
trackway left by a single dinosaur."

' 'It's spectacular,' said Martin Lockley, a University of Colorado-Denver 
geologist who is considered the world's foremost dinosaur trackway expert. He
reviewed the Bolivia site at Meyer's request."

"Several hundred tracks were discovered belonging to titanosaurus and 
other large, plant-eating dinosaurs that walked on four legs, as well as 
small and medium-sized dinosaurs that walked in a more upright position 
on two legs."

"Based on the distance between the footprints and other factors, 
scientists estimate that some of the dinosaurs may have reached 
speeds up to 25 mph."

"The site includes footprints of a six heavily-armored anklyosaurs that 
researchers say were moving at a ``decent jog.'' The discovery of the six 
sets at this one site doubles the number of confirmed anklyosaur trackways 
around the world to 12."

This area evidently was a lake 65-70 million years ago.