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Re: New Dinosaur Eggs Found

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From: Robira, Thomas TJ <Robira.Thomas.TJ@bhp.com.au>
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Date: donderdag 13 augustus 1998 18:15
Subject: New Dinosaur Eggs Found

><<The fossil field, peppered with tracks from dozens of species, could
>be one of the largest in the world, Mayer said.  Some of the tracks
>indicate beasts measuring up to 1,100 feet long, the longest yet known,
>he said.>>
>Must have been a real impressive dinosaur, I'll bet nobody messed with

I suspected a misquote (or something) where this figure originally was
uttered by the scientist/spokesperson as referring to the length of the
tracksite, or one track, or something like that. And one of the two articles
about these Bolivian sites on my personalized CNN news page confirmed that
indeed this figure of approx. 350 meters is the length of the longest
continuous track at this track site. Not the length/size/height/whatever of
any dinosaur itself based on a track.

Jarno Peschier

Compass Interactive / NedStat
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