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Re: Bolivian dinosaur eggs

Perhaps the T-Rex, notorious scavenger died in his tracks! As for the
tracks/trackways maybe it was a typo; 110 feet instead of 1100 . . .

><< "The tracks included footprints from Tyrannosaurus, the notorious meat 
> eater. Bones at the site were from crocodiles, fresh water fish and turtles."
>Let me tell you that there's no positive way to identify a footprint as
>belonging to _Tyrannosaurus_ or any other genus without actually having
>physical remains of the genus in a trackmaking position relative to the
>trackway. The best they can do is note that the footprints belong to a
>theropod the size of a _Tyrannosaurus_. I wish the media would get at least
>this part right. There's no excuse for this kind of sloppiness.
>Also, this business about thousand-foot long dinosaurs is sheer fantasy. Mark
>my words: When the smoke clears and this discovery starts getting described
>scientifically, watch how fast those dinosaurs will shrink.