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Cope and Marsh TV special

I don't mean to steal the thunder of wonderful "Dino TV week"...
This is an email from my friend, Thom Holmes (editor for the old Dino Society 
publications). He helped with the production of the show. Watch and you may see 
me covered in greensand (wee). Enjoy!

>Well, the Cope and Marsh story has made it to television! On Monday, >August 
>17 (EST), at 8:00 p.m., the History Channel will be showing a new
>documentary called "Secrets of the Dinosaur Hunters" as part of its "In
>Search of History" series. It was completed in July with a little help from
>yours truly and features some familiar faces including Ted Daeshler, Ken
>Carpenter, Jack Horner, and Bob Bakker. You may also see Bill Gallagher  >and 
>Sherry Michael at the Inversand pit. The show will probably be >repeated 
>several times during the Fall. It sounds like stirring television to >me!