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Re: CNN on Bolivian dino eggs

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From: Richard W Travsky <rtravsky@uwyo.edu>
To: dinosaur@usc.edu <dinosaur@usc.edu>
Date: vrijdag 14 augustus 1998 16:01
Subject: Re: CNN on Bolivian dino eggs

>Someone else reports that this was supposed to be a typo (I just
>deleted it, so I can't quote who wrote that), but the text of the
>CNN article would argue against that:

I wrote that. I found "proof" for my hunch in the following article from
which I quote the relevant paragraph (don't know if the custom news URL
works for everyone):

"Paleontologists who visited the site said it is one of the world's best
dinosaur trackways, rivaling trackways in the western United States, Europe
and Asia in the volume of tracks and the diversity of dinosaurs represented.
One set of footprints runs for 350 meters, or nearly a quarter-mile, which
is believed to be the world record for the longest unbroken trackway left by
a single dinosaur."

Still think this is really about Godzilla's ancestor? I just say the media
mixed things up (again)...

Jarno Peschier

Compass Interactive / NedStat
(ICQ: 11364879)