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Re: Putting pictures on websites

for myself, I would say that the displaying of a mounted skeleton is the
display of someone's INTERPRETATION of a naturally occuring thing, and
would then be considered to be copywriteable by the creators.  

Especially if you consider a mount in one museum might not match the
interpretations of a mount in another museum in stance, leg
articulation, or even proper attribution-all of which are items
considereably of interest and part of why mounted specimens draw
attention from science.

-Betty Cunningham

Jonathan and Mary Frances Miller wrote:
> So, where is a reconstructed dinosaur skeleton?  I would argue (and so would
> many lawyers, for a fee) that, despite being put together by a person or
> persons, it is a naturally occurring thing and you own the copyright and can 
> do
> whatever you want.
> The opposite viewpoint is that the creator of the complete (or incomplete)
> skeleton owns the right to make copies.  Or, possibly, the employer or museum.
> Don't ever underestimate the creative ability of lawyers to get judge or jury 
> to
> accept this argument.