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Fwd: The subject for the day is *science*

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In a message dated 98-08-14 03:02:43 EDT, John Hutchinson woite:

<< Mr. Paul's book is commonly cited as an authority in scientific papers as
 Tom Holtz pointed out. I think people are overdramatizing the issue, and it
 does not belong on the list, as with personal discussions of Bakker or
 others.  Leave them some privacy, this is not a celebrity listserver or
 paparazzi tabloid. >>
  Roy asked a perfectly legitimate question and I believe I answered it
truthfully and I stand by every word therein. There is an entirely new
generation of rabidly interested people who have adopted Greg's book as its
classic-certainly it's the most mentioned book here on this list. If I were
younger, I would be asking the same question and be expecting a truthful
answer, especially here. So far, my reply has dregged up claims of a vast
cladist conspiracy, first amendment rights, the dossiers of half the
membership of SVP, and now a cult of celebrity. I took great care in my reply
not to mention any names (remembering certain regretable and regreted
incidents) except, of course, Greg's. Being a decade old now, I had thought
the statute of limitations had run out on this episode and perhaps it could be
discussed in some perspective. Evidently not. I am sorry, but Roy certainly
has learned something.  Dan Varner.

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