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Historical Paleontology & Reception of _PDW_

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"The Dinosaur Systematics meeting at Tyrell
had been held in 1986, but the proceedings volume (and _The Dinosauria_)
weren't published until 1990.  Witmer (who'd probably admit he's more
with functional and descriptive anatomy than with phylogenetic analysis per
se), Forster, Novas & I were all still in grad school at that point, and
almost afraid to figure out where Scott Sampson or Jerry Harris were in
their academic careers when _PDW_ came out."

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        Oh, come now!  Just how young do you think I am?!?  ;-D  Actually,
in 1990, I was 2 years into my undergrad at CU Boulder...I was still in
high school in '86!  8-D

        'Course, I probably shouldn't admit that I was not even born yet
when Ostrom described _Deinonychus_...

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