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Size limit of being feathered

Hi all!
I was just wondering what the size limit of being feathered might be?  I
ask this question specifically concerning Utahraptor( an obviosly very
birdlike creature but much larger than many of its equally "birdy"
relatives) if it weighed no more than a elephant bird it seems likely it
had feathers but I can't seem to remember how much an elephant bird
On another note I may as well say my piece concerning Greg paul.  I think
he may well be the best dinosaur artist out there, most of his paintings
and drawings are almost photographic in quality ( I can almost see the
Velociraptor leap from the page) and tho it seems he was wrong about the
shape of Deinonychus's skull most of his ideas seem perfectly reasonable to
On another not I want everyone to know that my name is Jonathan not Ann! I
simply use her email to send my letters!