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Tyrannosaur Arm Capabilities

Just an idea, all:

  We can guess that a tyrannosaur would be unable to sit on a nest, by
factor of the size of its pubis. But the chest was not as projecting,
or blunt, but I'm not proposing it "breasted" its nest as some birds.
Rather, that the mound-building depicted in PDW (Paul, 1988) next to a
tyrannosaur (*Gorgosaurus libratus*) would serve better, and that the
arms, if the animal breast the mound, would have served to move
rubbish, dirt, and other flotsam about to serve to incubate her (or
his) little future prodigies.

  Imagine taking a spreading pronged-hook device (much like a
tyrannosaur's hand) and latch onto a branch, then simply drag it to
the mound, stuff it in, and you have incubator material. Pat the dirt
on (with the fingers next to each other rather than spreading), and in
a while, you have a nice little cassowary-like mound.


Jaime A. Headden

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