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Re: Bolivian fossils and news reporting

DE SOSA wrote:

> Now getting back to dinosaurs...
> Maybe the correct measurement for the pterosaur egg was 40mm,
> not 40cm.  That's not quite two inches long, is that about right?
> I doubt Mayer literally said "40cm (16 inches)."  The reporter
> probably added the conversion for us stubborn Americans.
> Actually, that wasn't about dinosaurs, was it?

Another curious fact.  Insofar as I know, there is no evidence that pterosaurs
were oviparous. So, if Mayer found a pterosaur egg, it's a first, and I'd be
curious to know why he thinks it is one (an embryo would satisfy me).  I'm not
saying pterosaurs didn't lay eggs, only that heretofore there doesn't appear
to be evidence either way.Best wishes,
Jim Cunningham