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Re: Herbivorous Dinosaurs of the World ?

In a message dated 98-08-16 03:03:10 EDT, TomHopp@AOL.COM writes:

<<  I for one, a non-
 member of the Paleo establishment, am an advocate of brooding-came-first,
 which needs no secondary flightlessness to explain most flight-related dino
 and bird morphology.  I hope that resistance to my idea will result in my
 honing it until it truly is "ready to fly." >>

I still haven't heard a reasonable explanation of what the animal would be
doing with those big, feathered forelimbs during the 99% of its life when it
>wasn't< brooding its eggs. If the wings evolved >solely< for brooding, they
would just hang there uselessly the rest of the time, right? How about--the
feathered forelimbs evolved for >something else<, and were, perhaps, useful
for brooding eggs on those occasions when brooding needed to be done.