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[Fwd: Re: Morrison Symposium Volume Out!]

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Jerry D. Harris wrote:
> Hi All-
>         Just a quick note to inform the list that the volume of papers from
> the 1993 Morrison Formation Symposium held in Denver is now out!   It's in 
> the journal
> _Modern Geology_, v. 23, dated 1998.  No, I don't have ordering
> information, so please don't ask!  There are plenty of dinosaur papers in
> it, as well as other aspects of the formation in question.

Vol. 22 and Vol 23 of Modern Geology (more than 1000 pg.). I have both
volumes sitting on my desk. The first copies in North America. Thanks to
Nick Frazier, who got tired of me bitching about it. It has 50 papers on
the Morrison Formation. Covering all aspects but it is about 80% paleo
with 14 dinosaur papers. 

Anyone interested in the Late Jurassic of North America will want copies
but, I bet Cannot afford them. They sell for 80 British lbs. per volume
(Modern Geology subscription price). You might encourage libraries in
your region to get them as they are going to be the standard reference
work on this stuff. Fortunately all 52 authors get copies of the
volumes, which includes nearly everyone researching the Morrison
Formation actively.

Great papers on dating, biostratigraphy, ect. put the Morrison faunas
into their proper context.

Jim Kirkland

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